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May 22 2024

We have finally taken the leap to start our own blog for the first time ever, where we will try to share interesting articles related to Maternity and/or Fashion. We will also do our best con convince you of why our Maternity Swimwear is a great buy and a fantastic product to have. 😬

We take real pride in the garments we produce, and one could say that we have become artisans. We take special care in what trims we use, what yarns we purchase to knit our fabrics, what patterns we cut, what type of lining will be used, how will our stitching be most suitable for each garment… we work on all the details carefully in order to come up with a magnificent piece of swimwear that will last during pregnancy and even beyond that time.  Our production is mainly made in Spain, in the outskirts of Barcelona, a region specially known for its tradition in textiles.

For over 4 generations, our family has lived from this industry, and one could say that it already runs through our veins. Our team started to form in 1971 by my mother and my father, Ramón and Maria Angeles, two young entrepreneurs that believed in a dream that they more than achieved. They were pioneers in the introduction of the combination of Cotton-Lycra in the European market. For many years they exported underwear and nightwear throughout Europe, being Holland, France, Germany and the Scandinavian countries their principal markets. In those days, they were the number 1 exporters in Spain of underwear and nightwear.

Then came my only sister, Patricia, and I along, whom after finalizing our studies were expected to join the family business. Each of us have been able to contribute to the business in different ways. Patricia has been in the production section of the business while I have been more on the sales department. Together with our mother Maria Angeles, we have between the three been in charge of design, with the support of a great team of designers and pattern makers. Ramón was a textile engineer and he always made sure that our fabrics were top notch, leaving a legacy of high quality products. We worked for 20 years producing swimwear for the best brands in Europe, collaborating with our expertise in pattern making, fabrics and final products.

Sadly, Ramón passed in 2015 and at that moment, my mother, my sister and I decided to continue the business together, to continue with the legacy, at a smaller scale, focusing only on our PEZ D’OR branded swimwear, and taking with us all the expertise and work ethos our father had passed along. Our staff has always played a very important role in the company.

The business that once our parents started no longer exists “per se”, but as everything evolves and changes, so have we, forming a strong team with wonderful staff members that have been with us for over 20 years. Each of us in our specialty are collaborating towards the success of our PEZ D’OR brand and it is our priority and our pride to offer you today with only high-quality swimwear. We work with fantastic retailers all over the world that understand our product and see our passion for what we do. We hope you become a part of our story and we will be always open to learn from your comments and suggestions.