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“Fall in love with yourself, with life, then with whomever you want” Frida Kahlo

April 16 2024

A pain turned into a myth, a suffering that became a legend. Frida Kahlo’s life was and will continue to be a great example for us, women that want to undertake new endeavors, stand out and fight.

Frida is the basis for our inspiration, not only for her personality, courage and views on life, but also for the way she defended women, a true Mexican warrior.  With this inspiration as our basis, we decided to express it the way we know best, through swimwear, embracing from the deepest roots of the Mexican indigenous weavings, to the creation of an artisanal garment we call Frida.

Using symbolical colors, we choose two pieces for a perfect combination of style and comfort; a selection of yarns and designs inspired by Frida’s country of origin, Mexico. Made delicately under the hands of incredible women, stitch by stitch, designed to make you feel comfortable and in style, for as in Frida’s words “ Fall in love with yourself, with life, then with whomever you want”, we care that during these nine months you feel great with yourself, you like what you see and most of all you continue with that self-confidence you deserve.

In order to achieve this, we decided to delve in México, where expert artisan women would exemplify the process of fabric manufacturing, colors utilized, and guide us through the process of blending the idea of Frida with Mexico and its magnificent fabrics, leading us to our final product. So guess what? We made it! So much so, that Maria, from Oaxaca, Mexico, revised our Frida and scored us with a 10/10. We invite you to know and fall in love, as much as we fell in love with Frida, our two piece tankini that has so much history and tradition behind.