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It was the worst moment, but you gave me moments that were the best, thank you PEZ D´OR

April 16 2024

By Tere Saiz

Every day it is more and more frequent to hear about women that live the “Fight against Breast Cancer”, since this disease does not respect age, social status or geographic location.

It is very important to understand that if caught in time, patients can receive sufficient medical treatments to be able to address the ailment for science advances every minute with solutions to beat the problem, as it was in my case. I am Tere Saiz and I am a breast cancer survivor.

For me, receiving news that I had a cancerous tumor in one of my breasts was devastating, but as the days went by knowing that I could count on the support of my friends and family was a great help, for they never allowed me to lose faith and they kept me fighting at all moments against the malady.

The process was difficult in the beginning; first I had surgery losing one of my breasts and then I had to undergo the side effects of chemotherapy with which other loses came along: my hair and my physical complexion, (in my case I gained 14 kilograms) and these important changes in my body despite my positive attitude contributed to the fact that I acquired fears such as feeling more conscious about my body, insecurity, or low self-esteem. For all these reasons I stopped participating with my loved ones in certain activities that we would normally carry out such as events that would take place in the Club’s pool, or simply vacationing in the beach. This was greatly because I could not find the right garments or accessories that would help me feel secure and pretty, when you have a disease such as this one, the last thing you want to cause is pitty.

Fortunately, a good friend of mine recommended the ideal PEZ D’OR mastectomy swimsuits, which had the ideal characteristics and with which I felt very comfortable. My skin remained very sensitive due to the surgeries (especially the areas where scars were forming) the fabrics with which the collection was made of did not result uncomfortable to my skin.

I can assure you that these bathing suits helped me feel secure as the necklines were ideal to keep the imperfections that this disease had caused on my body hidden and had the right pockets for my prosthesis without any risk of losing it.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered I could wear a swimsuit that would not cause people to look at me with pitty, controversy or horror, being able to be in contact with nature and feel the sun, air running through my skin, or simply enjoy the moment with my family, a great moment of happiness. PEZ D’OR gave me that and I will always be grateful for it.

At this moment I already count with total reconstruction of this part of my body and I continue wearing PEZ D’OR swimsuits which allow me to feel feminine, attractive and sure of myself, plus the different styles enhance my silhouette.

PEZ D’OR not only helped me gain my self-esteem, but prevented me from falling from this terrible malady, wearing the swimsuits with my prosthesis made me feel complete and in hopes that one day I would be able to re-construct, but most of all that one day I would beat the cancer.

I made it! I am a cancer survivor, with reconstruction of my breast, and an immense certainty of my capacity to make the best from the worst.