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Refreshing tips….

June 16 2024

During this maternity period, you may start to face some unexpected challenges in the summer heat.

Some tips to beat the heat can be:

  • Take advantage of frequent short dips in the pool, if you are not near the sea or a lake. Remember that time spent in water is also excellent in relieving sciatic nerve pressure.
  • Water aerobics is another option (consult with your doctor), some studies show that women that participate in this activity during their pregnancy, are less likely to ask for analgesia during delivery. In our Classics section of our site you can find our PEZDOR Capri Polka Dot swimsuit that is also available in solid colors, and is ideal for water aerobics.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated. Be aware that too much water can sometimes be prejudicial to your health, remember to include fruits and other liquids as well.   (coming up we will have some refreshing Virgin coctel recipes).
  • If the above water activities are not available, there are cool comfortable places where you can get some relief: malls, museums, cinemas and libraries are good choices.