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What to Drink when you Don’t Drink.

April 16 2024


With the arrival of the hot summer weather, let’s admit it, we need to find healthy refreshing drinks that will soothe our thirst, but are also fun and interesting.
  Summer is the time for refreshments, ice-cold drinks, if you were not “baking a bum”, you would probably cool by the pool or by the sea, with a nice Margarita or a Mimosa.

Since your maternal condition does not allow you to consume alcoholic beverages, we have come across a wonderful book written by one of the best sommeliers and international wine tasters in the world. Her name is Meritxell Falgueras i Febrer, she happens to be from Barcelona (like PEZ D’OR), and her book is titled “Qué Beber cuando no Bebes” = “What to Drink when you don’t Drink”, meaning when you don’t drink alcohol. Meritxell comes from a family with a profound tradition in wine making and is also a journalist that writes in local newspapers and collaborates regularly with Time Out Barcelona.

We believe that this book with around 200 recipes would be ideal to have for now and for the future, for when children enter into our world, alcohol might not the best of the companions and should probably go out the door.

The recipes in the book vary vastly, making the drinks suitable to pair with a delicious dish, or to enjoy by themselves, an experience rich in aromas, taste and hues… Meritxell is offering us drinks that are original and easy to prepare. They boost our taste buds while also increasing our vitality, being as straightforward or sophisticated as the best of wines. These sometimes unconventional and quirky drinks highlight the pleasure of simple things.

The book opens the door to drinks like “Micheladas”, perfect to share with friends; exotic drinks like the “Kombucha”, with famously miraculous properties; and relaxing drinks such as the “Golden Milk”, to improve our night sleep. We will find exceptional tea blends and juices, advice on how to choose non-alcoholic wine or beer, and ideas for a noon or night cocktail.

With summer comes the time to relax by the pool, or the beach (in your PEZ D’OR swimsuit, bikini or tankini) and why not, learn some Spanish, just enough Spanish to learn how to interpret Meritxell’s recipes and start incorporating these wonderful drinks into your life. But if you don’t have time, or languages are not quite your thing, we will share some recipes every week in our blog… So, look out for the coolest drinks. Suggestions are welcome!!